Why More and More Courier Clients are Partnering and Working Together with Online Comparison Websites


Comparison websites have had a rocky journey, but there’s no denying how powerful they’ve become. Enabling consumers to shop for the cheapest prices, they first started out comparing insurance and utility providers. However, they’ve now expanded into numerous sectors, including groceries, travel and even courier services. It’s a growing industry, more and more companies are seeing the benefits.

Courier Services
Courier Services

The courier comparison service has become increasingly popular. So, why are more courier clients partnering with comparison websites?

Why couriers have decided to jump onboard with comparison sites

Initially, you’d think comparison websites would be a potential enemy of courier companies. While they certainly could be, many couriers have found a way to ensure they aren’t negatively affected by the popularity of these sites by partnering and working together with them.

Couriers are seeing the advantages and the power behind these sites and the positive effect they could have on their business. Driving in more custom. These days consumers do check out review and comparison sites before they decide which company to choose. So, by working with the comparison sites, couriers are giving themselves a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Parcel Delivery Service
Parcel Delivery Service

What does it mean in terms of quotes?

There’s been some concern over whether comparison websites can be trusted; especially when they partner with the businesses they feature. So, does it mean the couriers working with comparison websites aren’t necessarily cheaper and they’re simply shown favourably because of the investment they’ve made with the site?

Well, there are some comparison sites which have been proven to do this, but largely in the insurance niche. There is a risk some sites may not be as trustworthy as they should be. So, it’s imperative consumers make sure they’re using a reliable comparison site such as Parcel2Go.

Reliable sites which have partnered with couriers can actually guarantee their customers the best price. That’s because many demand exclusive deals from the couriers. This not only ensures the comparison site doesn’t lose out to the competition, but it provides reassurance to the consumer too that they are getting the best value and deal.

Special Delivery Services
Special Delivery Services

Overall, it’s not hard to see why couriers are choosing to work with comparison websites. They force the courier to look at their competitors and ensure they’re offering a low cost, value for money service. It also significantly increases their exposure and introduces them to a much wider target audience – something they’d struggle to do alone.

The only downside of comparison sites for business’s means they will be competing on price against many other parcel companies who offer and provide the same services. This means that companies will have to compete on price and quality for money. This for much smaller companies can be more difficult. However they often will have a much more personalised and tailored service than some of the larger companies will be able to offer. Other methods to differentiate include special delivery services, international delivery and parcel tracking etc.