Why a Growing Number of Businesses Are Opting for Serviced Office Spaces


When you consider that an estimated 40% of small businesses in the UK are founded with £500 or less, it is little wonder that co-working office spaces have been a popular feature of the commercial world for generations.

We have recently seen the emergence of serviced office spaces, however, which have provided a more flexible alternative to start-ups and encouraged many to eschew the practice of sharing a workspace with other companies.


With this in mind, the question that remains is why serviced office spaces offer to businesses in the current climate? Let’s take a look:

1. You Can Access Serviced Offices in Prime Locations

While co-working spaces exist all over the country, serviced office providers tend to target prime locations in thriving business districts. Take Devono, for example, which owns space in West London and similarly vibrant areas throughout the capital.

This gives you an opportunity to access an affordable office space in a location that is synonymous with the nature of your business, whether this is a city centre financial district or a region populated with talented design agencies.

From a B2B perspective, you can also target prime locations where a high volume of potential clients exist, increasing your turnover and bottom line productivity as a result.

Co-working Spaces
Co-working Spaces

2. Created a Branded Space

When operating in a co-working space, it is exceptionally difficult to create signage that stands out (or in some instances adorn the building with any kind of branding at all). This is not the case with serviced office spaces, however, as you will have exclusive use of the space that you are leasing.

This helps you to promote a familiar and consistent brand identity, while it will make it easier to create a recognisable and actionable business presence.

This may seem like a relatively small benefit of leasing a serviced office space, but it is one that can make a significant difference (particularly for businesses that operate in a competitive marketplace).

Office Space
Office Space

3. Access Larger Spaces That Enable Your Business to Grow

Interestingly, some serviced offices also afford you access to a dedicated and exclusive meeting room, and this underlines that fact that this type of premises tends to be large and expansive.

The same cannot be said for traditional co-working spaces, which are typically designed to host businesses that employ no more than one or two individuals.

In this respect, serviced offices spaces are ideal for small firms that are ambitious and have clearly-defined growth plans. This affords them flexibility in the short-term, while enabling them to grow into the space over a defined period of time.