What Do You Need To Know About Positive Air Shut Off Valves?


Picking the right positive air shut off valve requires a great deal of research and consideration on your part. Remember that there is a huge variety of valves available to suit particular jobs. If you end up picking the wrong valve for your next project, then it means that you would have either paid too much or will have to return to the job site for repairs. In this article, you will learn about things that can help you to choose the right valve system for your specific needs.


If you are looking to undertake an irrigation job, installing a point-of-connection valve is the first thing you need to do. In this way, you will be required to cut off the water supply to the property only once. Most installations utilize a gate valve, but ball valves could be acceptable if you have sufficient room inside a valve box for the handle. The majority of these valves are left in the on position and stay there. They are turned off only when there is a leak or some other problem. You need to ensure that there is a brass or cast iron valve. You can also opt for a slip-fitting valve that is held permanently in place, especially if you are connecting to copper.

For small residential or commercial jobs having a POC of one inch or less, using a brass anti-siphon valve may be the right option. Reduced-pressure valves can carry out the same function for big taps, which are usually larger than 3 inches. They have a complex assembly that includes pressure outlets, gate valves, test cocks, and air gaps. Make sure to install these valves at least one foot above the highest point on your irrigation system.

When choosing a positive air shut off valve manufacturer, make sure to take a few important aspects into account. First of all, you need to check whether or not the manufacturer you are considering adheres to the best quality standards and practices. Make sure to visit their official website to learn about their products and services. Most manufacturers provide complete details of their various products on their websites, so that potential customers or clients can easily find the information they are in need of.

You should also contact people who have had similar needs because they might not be able to give you firsthand advice on which manufacturer is the best choice for you. Also, you can go online to read reviews and comments left by different people about several different valve manufacturers. These reviews will help you get an idea of which type of valve can best meet your desired needs.

Finally, make sure that you compare different manufacturers before making your final decision. Comparison shopping is an excellent way to learn about the latest market trends and prices, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision.

With that said, engine runaway is a rare condition that requires expert assistance and guidance. Luckily, a shut-off valve manufacturer can more than likely help you with this issue, as well. Therefore, if you are dealing with engine runaway, then you should hire a reputable technician in your area.