Top 5 Things to Know About Custom Plastic Fabrication


What is custom plastic fabrication? In simple words, customized plastics fabrication refers to the process by which a type of plastic material is processed to create a custom plastic product or piece. With a series of processes including plastic cutting, plastic molding, plastic bending, plastic melting, plastic welding, etc. Customized plastic fabrication allows designers and engineers to be more innovative and develop new designs of products. Through this fabrication process, they can develop their products and they can provide proper shape to the plastic and other materials as per their needs.

Plastic Fabrication
Plastic Fabrication

#1. The Different Applications of Plastic Fabrication Process:

There are several applications of this process in many industries. In electronics industry, the process of plastic fabrication can be used to custom build name plates, insulators, housing units, shields, covers, enclosures, guards, etc. These items need to be made of a certain material which is highly resistant to heat, fire, and weather and chemicals. These plastics are recycled to be made for use in the electronics industry. Apart from that, various industries use this custom fabrication process according to their needs. You can find various types of custom plastic fabrication tools and industries machinery in the market which are designed by the custom fabrication process only.

#2.Various Services Included in Custom Fabrication:

Custom fabrication of plastics includes various processes and services such as; plastic welding, plastic laser cutting, plastic waterjet cutting, plastic melting, plastic laminating, plastic cnc routing, plastic bending, plastic molding, plastic welding, and many such similar processes, which finally give us the end result of the plastic items required for different applications in several industries.

Custom Fabrication Process
Custom Fabrication Process

#3.Designs Created for Custom Fabrication:

Custom plastics can be used for several types of application. You can find different types of applications designed with custom fabrication process such as simple soda bottles which we use on an everyday basis, to custom plastic chairs to sit on, custom plastic parts to be used for machinery, for creating 3D models, making of trophies, awards, lighting diffusers and much more. The first step to creating these custom designs is to create CAD designs, blueprints, or virtual 3D models on screen. These designs are then checked by experts to find any kind of issues that may arise in the long run. Once this process is complete, the CAD designs are approved and sent to be crafted.

#4.Custom Molds Created for More Specific Products:

Sometimes, certain plastic parts need to be made in larger quantities with very specific requirements. In these cases, plastic molds and casts are used. Almost all plastics start off as small beads which are melted down to a liquid state. Inside a plastic casting, this plastic is mixed with other materials and made into a uniform liquid. This liquid is then injected into custom plastic molds at a high pressure and temperature. The mold is cooled and then removed.

Custom Plastic Fabrication
Custom Plastic Fabrication

#5.Process of Drape Forming in Custom Fabrication:

Drape forming is a process in custom fabrication of plastic in which a piece of heated plastic is allowed to droop on top of another rough sheet to form a certain specific shape. The plastic sheet is first cut into a desired shape, and then heated to a certain temperature where it becomes easily malleable. This heated sheet is then draped over a custom created mass to create a certain perfect shape and structure once the plastic sheet cools down.

Custom plastic fabrication can find application in several different types of industries. These result in a plastic form which has enhanced functionality, enhanced appearances and better durability.