The Benefits of Carrying Out an HPI Check on a Used Vehicle


Are you on the lookout for a used car? If so, you might not want to buy one without first carrying out an extensive HPI check.

It’s vital you protect yourself from the risks that come from buying a used vehicle. So, below you’ll discover the full benefits of an HPI check and how it can protect and help you.

Buying A Used Car
Buying A Used Car

What are the benefits?

An HPI check is designed to give buyers a peace of mind about the vehicle they’re considering getting. According to top credit bureau Experian, in 2012, a staggering 88% of used vehicles were sold with a hidden history. The things that were hidden either really reduced the value of the vehicleor had hidden the fact the vehicle could be a danger on the road. In some other cases a HPI check is good for making sure the car hasn’t been stolen or written off.

An HPI check tells you everything you need to know about a cars history. While it won’t give you the personal details of the previous owners, it will show you exactly how many owners it’s had, whether it’s ever been written off, and if it’s been reported as stolen and whether there’s outstanding finance on the vehicle. It can be surprising how many cars will have a hidden story of their vehicle and HPI check brings all of that to light.

Used Car for Sale
Used Car for Sale

All of these things can prove beneficial when deciding whether or not to buy a used car. Most buyers know to check over the condition of a used vehicle before buying it, but very few consider whether it could have outstanding finance. On average, HPI checks reveal 1 out of 4 used cars for sale have outstanding finance on them. So, what does this mean?

Well, if the seller still owes finance on the car, once you become the registered driver, that finance will be transferred to you. Which in turn could leave you in debt, before you’ve even bought the car. Worse still, the car won’t actually be yours. So, if you refuse to pay the remaining finance, the car will quite literally be taken off you.

Used Car
Used Car

A worthwhile investment

While an HPI check does cost money, the amount of money and stress it can save you is well worth the cost in the long run. However, there are a lot of companies which offer these checks, so it does pay to compare your options. There are online sites out there that will easily let you filter through and allow you to select the best option for you.

Make sure you’re paying for a check from a well-known, established company like HPI Limited. That way, you’ll know you’re getting a reliable and trustworthy service or fully comprehensive.

Overall, HPI checks are valuable and they offer so many benefits when you’re buying a used car. If only for the peace of mind, it’s worth paying the small cost to have a check carried out before you buy.