Paving Services Offered in Campbell River


Whether you own or are in charge of a commercial, residential, municipal or industrial establishment, it is important to ensure that you get professional asphalt paving, preventive maintenance and repair services. Fortunately, there are numerous companies that specialize in offering topnotch paving solutions. The specialists from these companies can handle both small and huge projects and have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to get the work done.


Paving Services Offered in Campbell River

If you are in Campbell River, Canada, you can get reputable paving contractors who offer professional asphalt paving, repairs, and preventative maintenance services to industrial, commercial and residential clients. The contractors have the equipment, personnel and experience to meet your paving needs. They normally produce quality and lasting results with seal-coating, asphalt driveways, repairs, parking lots and crack sealing. Moreover, their services are quite budget-friendly.

These companies also offer various different paving services and other services, as well. Some of their paving and other services include:

  1. Parking Lot Maintenance

The contractors do offer a host of inter-related services, which allow for great parking lot maintenance in Campbell River and surrounding areas. Their reliable service will protect your parking lot from UV rays, oils and road salts. The specialists understand asphalt maintenance and know how essential it is to employ preventive maintenance and address any faults early enough to avoid major damage. Some of the parking lot services that are offered by these specialists include:

  1. New pavement installation,
  2. Gutter, curb and sidewalk maintenance,

III. Crack sealing,

  1. Line & traffic-control painting,
  2. Asphalt repairs and maintenance,
  3. Seal-coating

VII. Snow removal, and sanding

All their services will enhance the safety, appearance, feel and function of your parking lot.

  1. Paving Repairs and Maintenance

The contractors also offer an array of restorative and preventive asphalt services. For instance, they do create and repair playground areas, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and roadways. Their asphalt maintenance and repair services entail patching, seal-coating, preventive rehabilitation and maintenance of existing parking lots, driveways and many other related asphalt surfaces.

  1. Traffic Control Services

Safety is very critical in all road construction zones. For this reason, these companies have also specialized in offering the best traffic control services in Campbell River. This helps in enhancing the safety of construction workers and motorists. The specialists can handle everything from planning, placing of signs and cones, as well as the tear down after the job is fully complete. By delegating traffic services to them, you can focus your efforts on meeting deadlines and completing projects on schedule. Their traffic control services include sign rentals, flagging and lane closure, placing delineators, drums and cones and, placing arrow or message boards. They can also repaint your traffic control markings and lines.

Equipment Rental Services

The companies also offer a wide range of industrial-grade machines and equipment rentals with qualified operators. These include:

  1. Crack sealing machines
  2. Crack sealing routers

III. Tandem axle gravel trucks

  1. Single axle gravel trucks
  2. Rubber tire wheeled loaders
  3. Skid steer loaders

VII. Mini excavators

VIII. Vibratory compactors

  1. Asphalt rollers
  2. Asphalt pavers
  3. Diamond bit saws

XII. Plate tampers

The contractors have the resources and skills to deliver effective, efficient and quick services. If you want to pave a new asphalt surface, improve an existing one, or need some assistance with traffic services, these contractors can help. Whether you are in need of parking lot maintenance, paving repairs and maintenance or traffic control services in Campbell River, these companies have you covered.