Internship and the Real Life in the Office


When a student leaves his or her university to enter the real life, they have with them a passion for changing the world for the better. University fills them with ideas, of concepts and abstracts. When a company hires an intern, they gain two things – an unpaid extra hand and a boost of new blood to the workforce. The intern, in turn, gains two things as well – actual job experience and realization that there are business decisions that are not ideal but necessary for the good of the company.

The first challenge an intern would face is familiarization with the various office equipment and how to operate them. Some offices have complex equipment while others utilize a friendlier Konica printing services for their office needs. Another challenge an intern would have is familiarization with the staff and the company’s officers. If it’s a small business, you can remember all their names within a few days. For large corporations, however, this could be more complex as some would only have monthly or quarterly meetings. Similar to university, the corporate world is likewise rife with corporate politics, own individual prejudices, and own individual opinions that often would clash with another’s opinion. An intern would need to wade through this corporate ocean and at the same time, some would need to study double time for extra university assignments.

Internship Life in Office
Internship Life in Office

Working in a real world office where you are treated as an equal is satisfying. If you’re lucky and landed on a company that encourages you to realize your true potential, this an experience you’ll never forget. If you think all-nighters university assignments are bad, wait until you got an office assignment that would require a combination of a demigod, genius, and strongman in one person – you. To put added pressure, you need to create this with a team of experts and during meetings they sounded gibberish to you as if they were speaking a different language.

Sometimes, an intern would ask himself why he should do this. They are not even employees yet. Luckily, most interns realize that this is a real-world school and the payment for this lesson is sweat, dedication, and time. There are a lot of stories where after completing university, some students didn’t go to the corporate world but created a company of their own. A lot of these students established startups after graduation. Some said that they took this route because of the influence they got from their internship. These graduates were taught to realize their potential and capitalize what they have in abundance – time. Mentors would teach these interns that it is okay to fail and fail big time. They have plenty of time to recover, and they can always fall back to the corporate world if things get very bad. For some, they took a less risky approach and went to the corporate world because this is more secure than going on their own and they can acquire additional experience they otherwise would not be exposed to if they go on their own. Whatever the new graduates decides, whether to try on his own or work for someone else, the lessons they learned from the internship are important lessons. Whether the internship experience is good or bad, these companies – big or small – helped in shaping their careers.