How To Impress Your Clients


Good client relationships are vital for any business. These relationships will determine the success or failure of your business in the long-term. If your clients do not feel like they are being catered for or shown the right amount of respect, they may choose to end the relationship and look elsewhere.

Impressing clients is a simple process if some key standards are maintained. Read this helpful guide in order to understand how to maintain good client relationships.

Maintain A Well-Kept Office

Your office is the ‘shop front’ of your business and it should be kept in the best condition at all times. Clients will notice if your premises have fallen into disrepair: this could give them the impression that your company is unprofessional or that it is running out of money.

Saracen Interiors provides designs which will transform a tired and drab office into a room which is very welcoming for your clients. It is important that meeting rooms are as spacious as possible to allow your clients to sit in comfort. The meeting rooms should be well-lit and ventilated properly. There should also be enough room for important equipment such as projectors if you need to deliver an important presentation.

Cramped filing cabinets and desks can give clients the impression that you are disorganised. Buy new storage cabinets to file important papers away neatly and backup important information in cloud storage.

Maintain A Professional Dress-Code

Some offices have a relaxed attitude to work attire, allowing employees to wear jeans and t-shirts. This is acceptable if they are not in client-facing roles. However, if clients are going to be present at the office you should make sure that all the employees are dressed suitably.

Sloppy attire can present an unprofessional image and may be off-putting for clients.

Answer Emails And Phone Calls Promptly

Efficient communication with clients is extremely important. You should answer phone calls and emails as soon as possible. Train your staff to respond in a timely manner. Clients can become frustrated if they are forced to wait for important information or if they feel like their concerns are being ignored. Set an auto-responder on your email to let clients know when you will be out of the office for an extended length of time. Your clients will appreciate being told when you are unavailable.

Return phone calls promptly if you happen to miss them the first time round. Email etiquette is equally important, and you should always use a professional tone when you are. Even if you have a close business relationship with your clients, don’t assume that you can communicate with them in an overly-familiar way because this could cause offence.

Go Above And Beyond Wherever Possible

Clients appreciate companies which will go above and beyond the line of duty wherever possible. For example, you may offer discounted rates for loyal customers who have been using your services for a long time. Also, you can surprise your clients with thoughtful touches such as sending them hampers full of food and drink just before Christmas.

Use this guide in order to impress your clients and strengthen the business relationship.

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