Construction, Drilling, Water Hauling and Track Carrier Solutions in Grande Prairie


Remote work-sites normally pose very unique challenges for most construction and drilling teams. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in offering a wide range of services to enable you to arrive at the work-site when you are prepared to tackle the task at hand and finish it on time. Whether you are in need of equipment rental or repair services, these companies can help. For instance, they offer track carrier rentals, sales and repairs, seismic drill sales and repair services, potable water hauling, ice road construction, geotechnical work, dust compaction, as well as bentonite delivery.



Construction, Drilling, Water Hauling and Track Carrier Solutions

If you are in the city of Grande Prairie, you can find reliable companies that will offer you the services and equipment you need for your worksite. Regardless of the industry you are in, these companies can offer safe and efficient services to enable you to complete your work properly. Their solutions can benefit oilfield, industrial and construction companies. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Water Hauling: If you are in need of water hauling services, these companies have you covered. Their services cover seismic drilling water, rig water, potable water, ice road water, as well as dust compaction. If you are looking for reliable contractors to help you with water drilling in Grande Prairie, these companies can help.
  2. Track Rentals: These companies also offer their customers a wide range of track carrier rentals, based on their needs. They have single, as well as crew cabs and their rentals come with or without an operator, hence you can operate them by yourself or just request an operator. Moreover, all their rentals normally come with water tanks.
  3. Bentonite Chip Sales: If your project requires bentonite chips, these specialists can also help. The companies normally sell and deliver the pre-packaged Bentonite chips, which you can get in bags or pre-packaged cubes.
  4. Trucking Services: The contractors can offer you reliable trucking services, as well as repair and maintenance of the trucking equipment. They are equipped with winch tractors, tri-drive deck trucks or fork lifts and other types of lifting and hauling equipment. They can haul just about anything, whether it’s big or small.
  5. Off-Road Track Carrier Parts and Repairs: The specialists also repair and service different off-road track carriers. And in case you need a replacement, they can offer you the right parts for your carrier.
  6. Dust Compaction: In case your work requires dust compaction, these companies can also offer you the appropriate equipment, together with their operators, who can help you out, if need be.

The best thing about these companies is that their technicians have the necessary skills and experience to handle different tasks to your satisfaction. Furthermore, most of them offer 24-hour services, which means that you can always access them regardless of the time of day. Their dedicated personnel will do everything in their capacity to ensure that your construction, drilling or hauling work is not halted due to lack of the necessary equipment or expertise.

If you are handling a project that requires hauling, trucking, dust compaction or bentonite chips, these companies can assist you. Furthermore, their skilled technicians can either train you or help you with the operation of the equipment. They can also repair or service any faulty equipment to ensure that your operations are not interrupted. Whether you are in need of water hauling or water drilling in Grande Prairie, these companies can help.